Sleep Does Matter  

Are you ready to take action on the road map to a Happier, Creative Life? Great!

The first important step is to get enough sleep.

 Why Does Sleep Matter?

We sleep about a third of our life! Sounds like a lot, right?

Sleep is relaxation for the body and the soul.

Sleep is a basic need, which we need to satisfy more regularly than food and drink.

Lack of Sleep 

Lack of sleep will impact your ability to learn, your health and your quality of life. To say it more clearly: chronic sleep deprivation may lead to obesity or cardiovascular disease, as well as reduced efficiency and productivity, errors and accidents. This is proven and that’s why it is important to get your needed sleep.

Active, Busy Life 

Our ancestors had to work hard every day and living was challenging too. They arranged their lives with the sun. When the sun rose they woke up and started managing the day, and when the sun set they went to bed.

Today we are living in a century where life is less hard and we can have much more action in 24 hours. So many things out there to discover and we all want is to have fun — no time to sleep long enough.

But we still need the same long sleep as our ancestors.

Overstimulation and short nights seems to be more and more common. We can’t sleep well even if we are tired.

Lack of sleep is very common. If that happens once in a while it‘s not a big deal.

This may work fine as long as you are young. But in the long term it may have serious consequences for your health and the rest of your life.

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How Much Sleep is Healthy? 

How much sleep do you need?

This can’t be answered in general. The long sleeper sleeps about 9 hours or more. The short sleeper sleeps between 5 – 6 hours. The average adult sleeps 7 – 8 hours. 

This is individual! What counts is that you feel fresh and rested during the day.

You should treat sleep more as a priority than a luxury.

If you sleep for a longer time, even 1 hour less than usual will make you feel tired and exhausted during the day.

3 Facts About Sleep — Good to Know! 

  • You can’t sleep ahead. Let’s say you go to bed early today so you can go to a party tomorrow and then sleep just a few hours and you think you will be fine.                                                                                                                                                Fact: you are tired anyway with or without this „extra“ sleep the night before.
  • Minor displacements from the sleeping time may have a negative impact on your quality of sleep and your vigilance during the day.
  • If you take an afternoon nap it will influence your sleep at night.                                                                                                  It depends on what time you take the nap and how long it will be. The later and the longer the nap will be creates a problem to fall asleep at night because the pressure of the sleep is reduced by the nap.

Is Catch Up Sleep Possible? 

How much sleep you can „catch up“  depends on your wake-sleep cycle.

But remember: to change sleeping time very often will not make up for the lack of sleep.

And a considerable shift of your sleep affects you for several days (and nights).

Shift Work and Chronic Insomnia 

Shift work may become a big problem if  the time changes very often. Your body never will be able to adjust its biological clock. Chronic insomnia will be the result of this and health problems may occur.

Try to get a working plan which you have a consistent shift over a longer period. This will help your body to adjust its sleep period better and the risk to get health problems is less.

How to Fall Asleep in Less Than 1 Minute?

To be able to calm down and get asleep fast, breathing correctly is essential. Try this „4-7-8“ breathing trick from Dr. Andrew Weil. In this short video he demonstrates how to do the breathing exercise correct. It requires no equipment and can be done anywhere.

What is Your Experience? 

I would love to hear your experience regarding sleep. Please let me and the audience know how you manage your sleep.

  • Do you get your needed sleep regularly?
  • Have you suffered from lack of sleep for a length of time?
  • What helps you to get the needed sleep?
  • Do you have any tricks and tips that help you?

Your comment may be very valuable for others and I’m very grateful for what you share with us.

Coming Up…

  • Being stressed
  • Suffering from sleep deprivation
  • How to break the cycle.

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