Stress, Sleep Deprivation and How to Break the Cycle  

Last time I wrote about sleep and why it matters. Today I focus on stress, what happens if you are sleep deprived, and how to break the cycle.

Being Stressed or Having a Hard Time?

You may have a disturbed sleep during times of stress, or when you are going through a difficult time. It can be hard to calm down and relax. You may find you can’t stop thinking about the day.

For example:
At work your boss was impatient and expected you to work longer. A colleague was mean to you. Then when you arrived home, you faced challenges with your spouse or children.

You may be angry, sad or overwhelmed. The whole world seems to turn against you, and you just want to go to bed – which doesn’t help because you can’t sleep well anyway.

So you wake up next morning, still tired. You feel like you’ve had no sleep at all. You try to stay in bed longer, and then become even more stressed as you now have less time to get ready for the day ahead.

If your start to the day is awful, then:

◆ your day will be much more challenging because of lack of sleep
◆ it will be harder for you to manage the day with all the challenges showing up
◆ the pressure during the day will seem to be bigger than usual
◆ life tends to bring up bad news
◆ your body may get sick too

A vicious cycle starts (if you are not already in the middle of it).

If you are stressed, you get less done – and then end up going to bed later than you should because you are trying to catch up on incomplete tasks.


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10 Power Facts of Sleep

Here are some power facts about sleep, which may convince you to change your habit.

✓ lower your stress
✓ enhances your feelings of calmness and relaxation
✓ strengthens your immune system
✓ makes you feel better
✓ boosts your creativity
✓ sharpens your attention
✓ improves your memory
✓ reduces depression
✓ helps you lose weight
✓ improves your physical performance

Do You Suffer from Sleep Deprivation?

You need to handle this now as a first step towards a happier, more creative life!
Unfortunately there is no magic formula to handle this problem.
Each person has a unique life situation.

Some examples:
◆ You are single
◆ You are married
◆ You have one or more kids (Baby, Toddlers, Teens)
◆ You are a single mom
◆ You are a family manager
◆ You are employed
◆ You have your own business

How to Break the Cycle (Part One)

Prepare and organize yourself

It is important that you work out what you need to do each day. Once you’ve listed and prioritized your tasks, you won’t have to rely on your memory, and will get more done.

You will also have more time for other activities, as you will be able to complete tasks more quickly than if you were running around without a plan.

Think about the tasks you have to do each day. Note them down as they come to mind. Here is a suggestion of tasks by categories (you may have more or less categories).

What I have to prepare for:


Your list will give you a great overview of all tasks you have to manage.

Now, after you have finished your list, plan your tasks by days, and the time when you have to do it.

For example:


I made 2 different lists for you: one with days and times, and another blank (so you can use it in the way that works best for you).

If you have the same tasks to do each day, you may prefer to list by category rather than days.

The more organized you are, the lower your stress levels.

Create a ritual that helps you calm down

◆ Turn off the TV, and any devices, about two hours before you go to sleep.
Researches have found that screen time, or using other media before you go to bed, may interfere with sleep.
◆ Take a warm bath or shower
◆ Read a boring or „heavy“ book
◆ Listen to soothing music
◆ Drink warm milk, or herbal tea (non-stimulant)
◆ Review your day and be grateful for all the good things that happened, and write it in your journal. Include all the things you accomplished that day. Be proud of yourself.
◆ Don’t have difficult discussions with your partner or children before bedtime. Focus on giving them love, and wait to talk about a problem when you have more time to solve it.
◆ Imagine how good your next day will be
◆ Do something that makes you smile

What kind of ritual helps you calm down?

Please comment below and let me know and the audience know about your ritual.

▪ Do you have another ritual to calm down?
▪ Do you have any tricks and tips that help you?
▪ Did you prepare and organize yourself?
▪ If yes, please share with us what is successful for you

Your comment and input may be very valuable for others and I’m very grateful for what you share with us.

Coming Up…

How to break the cycle – part two

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