How to Succed with Your Declutter Project

Part One

Everybody knows decluttering your home, space, computer and mind is a very good thing and will bring huge advantages to your life. Still, many have trouble getting started or completing the process. Instead they get frustrated or find they have cluttered their space again.

I did research on the phenomena of having clutter and found out one “WHY” about the collecting habit I had. This helped me to have better control over it. With all the data I learned about decluttering I developed my own system and it works for me. I declutter regularly every couple of years, mostly when we move. We have been in our house for ten years and as the kids move out we declutter the whole house.

That’s how I came up with the idea to write an eBook series about decluttering. It’s still in progress and I will let you know when the project is completed. The series includes nine eBooks. The first one will cover all the basics about decluttering and will include tools to help you to complete your declutter projects successfully. The other eBooks will address specific areas in your apartment or house with special tips for that area.

Why do I Store so Many Things?

The main task for our ancestors in the Stone Age was to find food to survive. There were two types of jobs: “The Hunter” and “The Gatherer.” The first one of course was hunting animals for their meat. The other type was collecting berries, mushrooms, herbs and other plants to eat.

The process of evolution is very slow. We still have instincts from our ancestors that are useless today. With the development of technology and science, we are hundreds of years ahead of the evolution of our bodies.

Does Modern Society Play a Part?

One obvious subject is our food habits. The body isn’t able to handle our current food-processing industry. It knows how to deal with natural food, while the rest is put into storage—and voilà, we are fighting with our weight.

The body is also used to moving a lot daily. Today we use cars, lifts, and buses, and most of us sit in an office. Unless we are doing sports or have a job where we are in motion, the body gets sick.

We have back problems, headaches, and muscle tension. All these new diseases of civilization are the result of our modern living.

Ancient Instincts in the Modern World?

What I want to focus on here is the hunter and gatherer instinct.

Today, we still have the hunter who likes to hunt and eat meat.

We also have gatherers who may go collect mushrooms in the woods or berries in the garden, but mostly the gatherer collects all the modern stuff we can find everywhere.

◦Never before have there been so many pretty, practical, useful and useless things around us.

◦Never has it been so easy to collect a lot of different things in a very short amount of time.

◦Never have we had so much space to store what we collect.

If you tend to have lots of stuff around you, then your gatherer instinct is still active.

As I mentioned above, the mind is much smarter than the body. As you understand better about why you collect things, your mind will shift and it will become easier for you to overcome this instinct.

Yes, you still have to change your habits and it may take a longer time for you depending on how strong your instinct is. Until you have fully changed your habits, you will have to declutter more often.

Is your gatherer instinct still alive?

Please comment below and share your experiences with us.

Do you have problems with decluttering?

Is your place soon cluttered again, after you have decluttered?

Can you share any tips or tricks that have helped you?

Coming Up…

How to Succeed with Your Declutter Project – Part Two

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