Live a Happy Life by Being Kind!

Yes. there are days which you awake and just know this will be a hard day. And as you are going on you will get acknowledge by different things like being already late leafing the house, at the coffee shop there is a huge line in front of you and your favorite Muffin is out, you don’t find a parking place and you just get told you have coffee on your blouse. Sounds familiar or you get the point? The whole world is against you and your mood going downhill and you just wish you could be already at home in your bed and forget about this day.

But it dosen’t have to come so far. It starts right there after that mean thought in your head “this will be a bad day”. Oh, no way! Just get it out off your head. Instead just say loud “this will be a wonderful day!” Go to the bathroom look into the mirror and just smile to you. Give yourself a compliment and then go on for the rest of the day.  Here are some ideas how you can be kind:

  • smile to every person you meet
  • give a compliment to your workmate
  • say “thank you” to a person you maybe didn’t say for a longer time
  • wish a good day to a person in a store who serves you

just to name a view. And continue to ignore any mean voice in your head which tries to turn you around. But I’m sure this little voice will disapear soon as you will find out how the world will meet you and how you get all this kindness back.

Be kind even you feel not good today it may change your day and it may become the day ever!

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