5 Tips to Sleep Better Every Night

Break the Cycle (Part Two)


1. If You Can’t Sleep, Stand Up 

Don’t bring work, computer or phone to your bedroom. Your bedroom should be an oasis to calm you down. If you are using your bed only for sleep and sex this will strengthen your association between sleep and bed.

So, if you can’t sleep, stand up and go into another room. Read a book or write into your journal, or do anything else relaxing until you feel tired.


2. Close The Door to Your Bedroom

If you are not living alone it may be necessary to keep your door closed to avoid distractions from housemates or pets.

I don’t want to offend anybody having their pets in the bedroom or even in the bed. The focus here is just to give you tips to get more deep sleep.

Pets are for sure great snuggle-buddies. Why not keep this for the couch and create a new ritual before going to bed?

2002 the Mayo Clinic researchers found that 53% of the pet owners reported disturbed sleep on a nightly basis, many of them sharing a bed with the pet or getting up to let them out.

Cats can be active in the late night and early morning hours. Dogs may scratch, sniff, and snore and can be active in the late night too.


3. Make a Sleep-Inducing Bedroom

Make sure you also have a comfortable mattress and pillow. You should change your mattress at least every ten years.

If your bedroom is dark, cool and quiet you will fall asleep much faster.

◆ Dark: light tells the brain to wake up. Use heavy curtains or an eye mask to block the light.

◆ Cool: the optimal temperature to sleep soundly is between 15°C (60°F) and 19°C (67°F). When it’s cold outside, wide open your window about half an hour before bedtime. The fresh cold oxygen will help you get to sleep faster.

◆ Quiet: earplugs may help you out if your partner is snoring, or if there is any traffic noise.


4. Eliminate Time Cues

If you can’t get to sleep or you are waking up several times and you are tending to look at your clock, this may make you feel anxious and keep you up. Turn around the clock, cover it up, or put it on the floor out of sight.


5. Create an Oasis of Calm

Your bedroom should be a haven, an oasis of calm. This is not the room for entertainment or an office. It should be designated for sleep and sex only.

The biggest mistakes people make is to cram too much into their bedroom. Less is more should be your motto. Declutter and reorganize. I will come up with a declutter series on the „Live a happy Life!“ topic.

✓ Choose small and light furniture and get rid of unnecessary or bulky pieces of furniture to create a light, airy space.

✓ Decorate the room with sensual pieces.

✓ Color do have an influence even when we sleep. Best colors for bedrooms are green, blue and indigo, besides white and pastel colors.

✓ Aromatherapy can help you calm down and sleep well.



picture source: pixabay.com


How to Apply Aromatherapy

Roman Chamomile Oil, Lavender Oil, Mandarin Oil, Bergamot Oil or Clary Sage Oil is considered a natural sedative.

Three ways how to apply the oil:

◆ Fragrant oil burner: the heat accelerates and intensifies the spread of the fragrance.  You add some drops to the water, depending on the intensity you wish. Use it before bedtime and douse when you go to bed.

◆ Cotton Ball or Tissue: add a drop on a tissue or cotton ball which you place near your pillow at bedtime.

◆ Bed Linen Spray: create a bed linen spray and lightly spray your sheets before bedtime.

It is important that you use only high quality essential oils. Read the safety information about essential oils before you use it for the first time.


What helped you to sleep better?

Please comment below and share your experiences with us. What helped you? Did you reorganize your bedroom? Do you have any tips or tricks you can share?


Coming Up…

▪ Series about how to declutter your life and reduce stress

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